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Posted on 14 November 2007 by Hatem Ben Yacoub

EsmertecWe used to talk about Android, Google and the OHA without talking in details about the other partners member of the alliance and their participation. Many people who started flirting with Android technology started asking why Google is creating another Java standard (Dalvik) ? why they didn’t use the JavaME Standard? and what about old mobile applications written in the JavaMe standard, will they be supported on Android ?

Esmertec, member of the OHA, got the answer to this question. Beside contributing in the OHA initiative with their OMA applications (MMS, WAP, DRM, SyncML, and IM), Esmertec is also providing a commercial Jbed Virtual Machine (JVM) to member of the Alliance on demand. In other words, you won’t probably have access to JVM, but if you have an mobile application in JavaME standard it will easily run on Android platform thanks to Esmertec.

Esmertec’s JVM will bring easily thousands of existing Java ME applications to the Android mobile platform. So the solution already exist, even commercial, but the question still for Android’s applications and how to port them to JavaMe standard. Write once, use everywhere, isn’t always true, but isn’t impossible too. Anyway there is still someone who will have to make an extra effort to fit with the new situation.

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  1. Julia Hammond Says:

    Esmertec is one of the better JVMs out there for Java ME and we’re hoping it’ll be included by OHA so our eBay listing app will run on Android without us having to tweak it, or am I dreaming?

    (I guess I’m wondering if it supports MMAPI)

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