First Android Applications : Games, Messaging, Security and Utilities

Posted on 26 November 2007 by Hatem Ben Yacoub

After two weeks of launching the Android SDK, some small applications started to surface from simple calculator, MMORPG game, Twitter and GTalk client, password manager … This is defintely not the full list, since many developers are keeping their project secret for the Challenge, but it’s already a good start. Below some of the applications released :

Android Password Safe: A password manager for Android

Steven Osborn have written a basic password manager for the Android platform. It uses a 128Bit AES to encrypt passwords and sensitive data and requires the user to enter a password to decrypt/access their password safe. Current features include 28 Bit AES Encryption, Password protection, All data is entrypted including notes, website link, description, and finally click through website link, will take you from your entry to the website. Planned features include : Fetching/Caching of favicons and Customizable encryption. Maybe 256bit AES, DES, etc.

Android password manager

Android Calculator

The first Android calculator is also simple and basic written by Bill Meltsner. Features include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and modulo division!, Supports decimals, Displays errors in shiny red text, Indents answers to differentiate them from equations, Restricts cursor movement to the current equation, Only accepts certain keys as input, Gets almost the entire screen dedicated to it, Has all its features end in exclamation points!.

Android Calculator

Features not supported include order of operations, but instead parses equations from left-to-right regardless of operator, Treats numbers with a trailing decimal point as malformed instead of disregarding the decimal point, Error detection needs much improvement, Requires keyboard usage; no shiny buttons to press, there are other small bugs which going to be fixed in future releases.

Download Android Calculator.

Twitter Client for Android

Davanum is very active these days on Android application development, he created the first twitter client for Android showing how to make XML over HTTP calls. The application allow simply to send tweets and view your friend’s tweets.

Twitter client for Android

What’s next

At this time it’s interesting to see many developers experimenting development for the Android platform. The Google approach of making application development for Android easier, with java only supported, seems to be very successful until now, the support is great and the community is very active. So we’ll see certainly more amazing experiments in the future, especially that current developments are made by single developers.

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