Handcase presents the first 60 applications for Android and Moblin

Posted on 25 August 2009 by Hatem Ben Yacoub

Of the 100 applications the Handcase presents the first 60 for Android and Moblin. Page created to provide the software, http://www.handycase.com/eng/andmob.htm
It is recommended to compare the screens of products for PalmOS (access to sections of the HandSoft, division of software – www.handycase.com/handsoft/eng/) and see how easy it will be.

The software will be offered as a service and the web 2.0 style. “We know that we are offering something, which by volume, segmentation and mobility has not yet been offered. We also know that it will be a nice challenge, to offer this software globally, as mobile services, but we are prepared. After all, our extensive portfolio is proof that we can.” Says Ricardo Garay CEO Handcase.

The software will be offered as a subscription. Users will have the resources available as skins, encrypted security, option to create their own mobile social networks, and more. Carriers can offer unique customized versions. Users will have options to access wi-fi for free, or be signed by your carrier.

The options of signing will be: free for personal users with and without advertising, paid and free for professionals and pay for companies. One of the services yet to be free for businesses, will be Co2Global, the software for management of carbon credits, the first in the world, launched in 2008 by Handcase, which will have its version to service, offered soon. “We emphasize that, for those who already have or buy a version for PalmOS, version Android and Moblin will be free.” Garay explains.

“It must be said that do not forget the LiMo, and we will work for it too.” Ricardo concluded. The Handcase time, will detail in the exclusive website, the beta versions of each of the first software 60, when then officially communicate the launch.


Handcase Brazilian industry mobile software centered in the Palm platform. With a catalog of 346 products it consolidated the position of bigger industry of software for Palm of the world.

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