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Android Developer Challenge Deadline Extended

Posted on 29 January 2008 by Hatem Ben Yacoub

Good news for Android developers, the challenge’s deadlines have just been extended. The first ADC submission deadline is April 14, 2008. There will be another major SDK update according to the blog post Quang Nguyen, Android Developer Advocate, mentionned also perviously by Dan Morill. There is no further information at this time about the upcoming SDK, but you will have more time now to get familiar with the next SDK edition.

Based on the great feedback you’ve given us, we’ve made significant updates to the SDK that we’ll be releasing in several weeks. In order to give you extra time to take advantage of these forthcoming UI and API enhancements, we’ve decided to extend the submission deadline. In addition, a fair number of developers have also asked for more time to build and polish their applications.

Below the updated timeline :

  • April 14, 2008: Deadline to submit applications for judging
  • May 5, 2008: Announcement of the 50 first round winners, who will be eligible for the final round
  • June 30, 2008: Deadline for the 50 winners of the first round to submit for the final round
  • July 21, 2008: Announcement of the grand prize winner and runner-up

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Android Developer Challenge Open

Posted on 04 January 2008 by Hatem Ben Yacoub

Android RobotGoogle is offering $10 millions to create amazing new applications for its new Android mobile platform, and today is the first day to submit your application for the challenge. So if you decided to develop an excellent application for Android, here is where you have to go next : ADC submission page. Pick one of the three available forms based on whether you’re working alone, in a team, or for an organized company. Then attach your .apk application file, add documentation file in PDF or text format, and everything should be in english even if you are planning to develop for other languages.

Be sure to read carefully the terms and conditions for the challenge, which explain also how the challenge is going to happen. There are some important details in the terms and conditions concerning the qualifications, four important points that you have to focus on while creating your application :

  1. Originality of Concept – Does the application introduce a great new idea; for example, a new angle on social applications?
  2. Effective Use of the Android Platform – Does the application take advantage of Android’s unique and compelling features, such as built-in location-based services, accelerometer, and always-on networking?
  3. Polish and Appeal – Is the application easy to use and aesthetically appealing?
  4. Indispensability – Is the application compelling and essential, such as a game the user just can’t put down or a utility she can’t live without?

So let’s the game begin and good luck for everyone.

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